What is NLP?

Neuro Linguistic Programming may be a new term to you, it was to me. What does it mean? Well to me it means an attitude, a way of thinking a way of being. A deeper understanding that if we change the way we look at things the things themselves will look differently.

We can control our emotions, we can open our minds to possibilities and believe me when we do this, when we create even that tiny shift in thinking we too can achieve our wishes…we will even learn what those wishes are because if you’re like me you might not quite know what you actually want, just that there is something. Through NLP techniques and guided coaching you will have lasting and powerful changes and reach your goals. You will learn to listen to the expert on your life…you.

The amazing thing is you won’t have to struggle through this, there won’t be huge amounts of preparation or follow up work. I won’t tell you what to do, how to do it or make you hand your assignment in on time. It will be an enlightening thoughtful process within which you will learn about yourself, what holds you back, what you really think about things and how you are going to move forwards in a positive and exciting way. It will be time for you, time to listen to yourself, time to think and focus, to clarify and understand. Time to have that wonderfully joyous lightbulb moment.

I am still practicing and it permeates all the areas of my life helping to keep them in balance. I am fulfilled in my career, have better relationships, I’m calmer and more understanding, I have overcome my addictive eating habits, set up healthy nourishing routines for all aspects of my life, look forward to achieving my own goals and now after having achieved he summit of Kilimanjaro I have my sights set on Everest base camp!