We really appreciate Becky's support as a volunteer for @formthefuture events. She did a fantastic job leading Year 9 students at an Enterprise Day, using her coaching skills to encourage them to produce creative, innovative business ideas as a team. We are so pleased that she will soon join our mentoring programme and have no doubt that she will be able to make a positive impact on the life of her mentee.
Form The Future
I have had the privilege of working with Becky for several months now and i have to say that she is remarkably good at what she does. Her lines of questioning are always on point and she is continually challenging me and the way in which is process my thoughts. I work in a complicated and complex environment and have often struggled to understand what it all means and where the best opportunities lie. Becky has a brilliant way of helping me find that clarity and understand what the best course to take is. She has been a breathe of fresh air for me and i cannot wait to continue to work with her in the future.
Ollie Phillips
I recently worked with Becky on her excellent 'Get control of your food' course. Her passion for coaching others to success is clearly palpable and she offers a relaxed, open and friendly approach. Her expertise in food addiction has created this transformational course and I look forward very much to supporting her in future collaborations!
Dr Alex Davidson
leading GP in lifestyle medicine
Since working with Becky, I have experienced shifts on multiple levels - both in my work and personal life. Becky has a unique ability in uncovering blocks and reframing, which has not only helped me step into what I truly desire, but also has uncovered beliefs and thoughts that were holding me back - affecting many area's of my life. Becky is probably the most humble person I have met when it comes to her abilities. I would highly recommend her if you need help with anything that is blocking you from reaching your potential and living a life of happiness."
Babita Devi
Owner & Founder of mySircles & bStrategic

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