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Hi I’m Becky, a certified Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner and Personal Performance Coach with a passion for people and helping others find their own way in life. I am a friend, a sister, an employer, a mother, a wife and best of all a student. We all carry on learning and we can all choose how that journey goes, in essence we can grant our own wishes. Read more about me or have a look at NLP and how does that work?

A little more insight…

Love people, love fun, love food and now love exercise. This may read pretty typically, I went to college, university, got a job, got married, had two bouncing boys, ran my own business, a deli, had holidays and a good social life….and heres the but…there was something not quite right…some relationships not sitting well, some food habits that I didn’t understand some goals I just wasn’t reaching even when I felt I tried. Enter coaching and a significant birthday (the number still sticks in my throat a little) and I started to think, to wonder, to dream…now some called it a crisis, I call it a realisation. I realised that I could do the things I actually wanted to do, I could learn about myself, I could change how I felt and be in control of my emotions, I could change my eating habits and I could even break the 8 year long silence with my father …all with the help of a coach, NLP and a desire to want change, over regrets.

And a bit more

So I grew up in southern Ireland, ex-hippy parents, a dabble in Steiner school and then Catholic Irish school. A move to Cornwall at age seven and became settled in the beautiful village of Mousehole, a wonderful upbringing for any child, enjoying summers in the Cornish sea and winters on blustery walks.

As my teenage years hit this wasn’t so appealing, the bight lights of the city called, I had decided that I’d rather not marry a fisherman who smoked too much dope. My parents had had a volatile break up which had its challenges and it was time to be a bit more grown up…off to University! I studied Social Policy which I really enjoyed and soon after paying off the huge uni debts and a few trips to the far East I settled on a job, then another one, then a third until going onto run a family business with my husband. We worked very hard, ran the business (have a look if you like www.balzanos.co.uk) , doubled the turnover, had two lovely boys. At this point however when on paper I should have been ‘happy’ ..I wasn’t quite..the ski holidays and items didn’t quite hit the spot. I wanted to learn something new, to find a passion, to understand myself, clarify some significant relationships including my own marriage. I spent quite some time looking for answers in other places…in financial gain, buying another house, social media, weekends away, asking friends…it took me a while to realise the answer was within my mind, that very quite voice.…if you learn to listen carefully it will grow louder and clearer and it does have the answers.

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